What we're about

A working meeting for those publishing on-line, whether engaged in some facet of on-line publishing or the 'whole of it'. This meetup comprises 2 hour lunch meetings (buying lunch not required) twice weekly 1 - 3 pm, as in the afternoon for those of us already on a 24/7 internet clock.

This internet marketing mastermind group is moderated by a past president of a local Toastmasters Club, which indicates some organized focus. These meeting times of course assume you have already somehow 'adjusted your professional life' to an 'on-line' existence where time is more relative. ...somehow...

No prior experience required, however everything you have done, bring it! Your first homework assignment will be to make up your own personal/professional 'skill-set list' that you think or know is required for the 'on-line' publisher/writer content maker/shaker.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, that is every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 1-3. Please show up to participate as you can, a large group not required as it all boils down to one person at a time making their dream 'happen for them'.

Missing meetings will not degrade its value to you, only possibly dilute 'the pace' of ideas, concepts and unfolding skill-set that we see as needed or required for on-line success. However, meetup records will be made available. (Secretary desired here).

If you have been spending perhaps thousands of dollars and some years of effort already, come now to engage a fast track but thorough path of 'let's do it now already'. We will concentrate meeting unto meeting upon what need be done next. Covering both 'whole picture views' and where you actually are personally in this adventure.

DISCLOSURE: Though this meetup is not of itself 'content sensitive', that is, I do not care' what you are publishing as long as you are intent to be responsible for it'. There are various challenges more pronounced to say publishing 'adult material' or 'some kind of political activism' and we will be dealing with some of those challenges along the way as a matter of course and pragmatism. We will with this deal with protecting and policing ones material on-line. I believe in paranoia. I am for instance, publishing poignantly 'occult and magick studies' which encounters similar on-line stresses. So if this kind of 'content' offends, please do not join here.

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