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Write, share feedback and connect with other writers
Writers need other writers for perspective and insight into their own work. Just writing in proximity to other writers can be a powerful motivator. Drop by and join in this informal supportive critique group on any Wednesday and/or Friday from 3-5 in Library’s Conference Room. It’s open to all writers of any genre seeking constructive feedback from peers on their work. There will be an informal structure to the session: first hour will be dedicated to writing and the second hour will be spent sharing constructive feedback. Help yourself to coffee or tea, check out our Writers Reference Collection and Just Write. General structure: 3 PM – 4 PM writing time 4 PM – 5 PM feedback time Feedback Guidelines: The goal is to help another writer improve. Keep it impersonal. Give the type of feedback you would like to receive. Give praise where praise is due. Know that praise is not enough; feedback for improvement of the content is also required. Use the "sandwich" technique. (good, not-so-hot, good) Be clear in your comments; provide specific examples and suggestions for improvements. Do not be tempted to rewrite for the writer. Examples are appropriate. Be sincere. Be kind. -------------------------------------------------------------- Check out the Mill Valley Library’s Writers Salon page for more programs and services for writers. (

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