What we're about

This is for the big dreamers, innovators, creators, builders, hustlers, doers, go getters, visionaries, who don’t march by the beat of the drum, many think we are crazy, but don’t want to be put in a box. We believe the limit for our potential does not exist. We believe we will make a difference in the world and we won’t stop until we succeed.

Millennials have walked into one of the toughest job markets where salaries are at a record low compared to the cost of living, not to mention how competitive the job market is. About 8 out of 10 millennials had to acquire student loan or some credit card debt to get by. However some of us have taken matters into our own hands, millennials have been some of the most creative and innovative generation so far.

The tech industry is dominated by young people, hollywood, social media, fitness etc. We decided we wanted to create something big and show others it doesn’t matter how old you, where you come from, what the economy is like if you have a million dollar mindset you can make anything happen!

For this group I want people who don’t just want a small business but to build an empire
The big dreamers who want to make a name for themselves
The next big name in tech, finance, music, comedy etc
The ones who have their eye on the prize and want to surround themselves with a like minded community

We can have book club meetings, networking, happy hours, brunches, go to events together etc.

Let’s go make our dreams come true together!

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Speed Networking @ Bliss ReBar


Bitter& Twisted Happy Hour

Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

Game Night!

Redstone Apartments

Let’s have brunch!

Lustre Rooftop Bar

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