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Hello Ladies! I started this group to create an avenue for women in the North OC area to meet each other and create new friendships. As years have gone by I've lost many of my close friends to new cities, new husbands, new babies, new careers, etc. I've discovered making new friends as an adult isn't exactly easy so I'm hoping this group will allow us to meet each other.

I joined Meetup to meet new people and was not having any luck. Either the groups are extremely specialized (no, I don't want to learn basket weaving at your drum circle at 10 PM on a Monday) or people are just flakes and it's a waste of time. So here's my plan:

1. Keep it simple. As a recovering LazyAss, I barely want to get myself dressed to hang out with people. We're going to keep it local, cheap, and convenient.

2. Try to plan several Meetups a month and keep the group active. How many of you have joined groups that have absolutely ZERO activity?

That's it. This group is for women in the older range of the millennial age group (25-30s) in the North Orange County area. Any activity is on the table, this is just a means for us to get together. We'll get together for happy hour, BBQs, game nights, ice skating, arcade games, beach days, coffee dates, book club, pretty much whatever we feel like. The only thing I ask is that you show up or cancel ahead of time if you RSVP.

What am I looking to get out of this? I just want to meet some fun and interesting women to hang out with in my free time. I want to have buddies I can call up to go watch a movie with me. A friend I can call up and share good news with. I want to spend time with people that make me feel good about my life and vice versa. Over time and with continued effort I have met that goal. I’ve made some amazing friends through this group. Just like anything else, it takes time. So my pro tip is this: Come check us out. If you like the vibe then KEEP COMING. I read somewhere that it takes 7 interactions with a person before a friendship is built. That may be bullshit but it sounds like it’s true so I’m using it. Maybe I’m not your next awesome friend but somebody else in our group might be. You’ll never know if you don’t try and I guarantee you won’t find her sitting at home binge watching Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Let me tell you a little about myself so you know what you're getting into. My name is Jane and I'm 31 years old. I live in Anaheim with my boyfriend Nick and our 2 cats. I work as an Office Assistant for my boyfriend's family’s business, a trophy shop in Anaheim. I'm a pretty down to earth type of girl that prefers dive bars over nightclubs. I prefer lowkey outings (Think Happy Hour instead of Girls Gone Wild) so if you're looking for women to party hard with this probably isn't your jam. I have a dark sense of humor and enjoy inappropriate jokes. I tend to get along best with people who aren't offended easily and are a bit of a free spirit. I live a simple life and try not to worry about things I cannot change.

Note: to keep our group small and intimate new members are added as inactive members are purged periodically.

**Was your membership declined? You're likely not in our target geographical area or age group.**

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