What we're about

This Meetup group fills the void between groups for younger women and older women. I would like to create a space where we can have meetups that are filled with outings to get coffee or smoothies and are followed by nature walks in parks or on trails.

I'm hoping to make this more of a "sit down / walk and talk" kind of group rather than having it be centered around activities that prevent more than just casual talk. I would also love to hold game nights or full-on hikes depending on what members want.

It will be wonderful to bring together millennial women of the Eastside to talk about issues around us and to get to know each other.

Ground rules:
1. This is a group for millennial women. I started this because most Meetup groups on the Eastside seem to have a majority of men, which makes it harder to befriend fellow women. Please don't join if you are a man. There are more than enough other Meetup groups for you to join. I am serious about this. Go find women to date elsewhere.

2. I set the age range at 25-35. If you are outside this age range, you may join, but I really want this to be a group of women around this range.

3. I want this to also be a safe place for women of color and LGBTQIA people, so please feel free to join and know that you will be welcomed here.

4. I will not tolerate flaky members. If you sign up for an event, you either come or you do your best to change your RSVP more than 30 minutes before an event starts. Otherwise, you are being disrespectful to me and to the other ladies and you will be kicked if I see this consistently.

Past events (28)

Coffee and Pastries at Hoffman's Bakery

Hoffman's Fine Cakes & Pastries

Molly Moon's and Walk around Redmond Downtown Park

Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream

Bowling at Techcity Bowl

Techcity Bowl

Brunch at Couzin's Cafe and Optional Pedicure

Couzin's Cafe

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