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Join the group only if you are a young Turk who make more than 100K HKD per month.

The elite make sure the rich and famous meet people who share their rare tastes and occupations, so that the head that wears the crown may not remain alone forever.

Let’s face it; we’re too busy for our own good. In a world full of young leaders who’re constantly on the move, working longer hours and travelling longer distances; the time we spend interacting socially has plummeted drastically. In this rapidly changing social realm, how do young professionals meet new people, build relationships and fall in love? The answer lies in the seemingly never-ending world of online technology.

The advantages of personal social contact seems to be a thing of the present, and in this race to step into the spotlight, we’ve begun relying on technology and the internet to bring us closer.

An elite worldwide introduction network, catering to the needs of those who enjoy the finer things in life and enjoy indulging in luxury experiences.

You can think of this club like your little black book of contacts. We have attractive and successful members looking for everything from casual to something ongoing and permanent for Business, relationships etc. All of our members share the one thing in common and that is their love for luxury.

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