What we're about

First and foremost, we wanted to create a place where everyone in the Bay Area can meet and make new friends doing something fun.

This group is for all ages over 18!!!

WHAT WE DO? We do things around the Bay Area (from San Francisco to Santa Barbara):

We eat: dinners, pot lucks, happy hours, parties with food

We have fun: zip lines, paddle boats, beach parties, camping, treat yourself to a massage/spa treatment, holiday parties, monopoly board games, social dances

We get fit: hiking, walking, dancing

We improve our relationship potentials: dating games, meeting new people, practicing our flirting skills, figuring out what we want in potential mates, learning how to attract the right people

We want this group to be a positive and safe place where you can explore your interests and potentials with confidence. For this reason, we are selective. We are only looking for people of high quality: people who are respectful and courteous of others, people who are committed to learning and growing, people who are open-minded and friendly (afterall, socializing means getting along with others, among other things.)


The answer is yes, if you are:

Just broke up with a boyfriend/girlfriend? Well join the group! Struggling with Divorce? Meet other people who are also in the midst of divorce, custody, or support-related issues and need some direction.

Tired of the online dating scenes where you soon realized that eternal texting, chatting, and emailing cannot compare to a real human experience where you actually spend time doing something with someone? Well, we have live and real-time interacting here!

Newly singled and are yet unsure what you want to do with your life? We suggest an experimental period of staying single where you can try a variety of new things, make new friends, gain new attitudes etc... You just need to find what is really right for YOU!

Interested in making yourself attractive to potential mates? Your first mission should be to figure out what makes you happy as a single person and learning to enjoy life to its fullest extent while making plenty of friends out there on the trails, at the dinner parties or our other fun events.

Wanting to get out of a rut? If you picture yourself as always being alone, miserable or whatever then your subconscious will see to it that you do things to keep you that way. BUT, if you can visualize yourself as having fun, being with other people and happier, then your subconscious will work to make positive things happen helping to boost your confidence, increase your potential, and making you the fun, interesting and attractive person that you were meant to be.

Remember, "because you are alive, everything is possible!"

Thich Nhat Hanh

DO IT NOW! By signing up, you are telling yourself that there is absolutely no need to be miserable. As most people spend more time planning a weekend than they do planning the rest of their life, you can go against the norm and plan for the rest of your life by spending your weekends with us!


Click the "JOIN US" on our group page

PROFILE INFO This is a social group. If you can't do the "complete profile" rule, then you don't belong in it.

POST YOUR PHOTO so everyone will recognize you and know you. We WILL NOT APPROVE ANY MEMBER WITHOUT A REAL FACE PICTURE***


We would like to ask our members to make thing easier for us to manage this group by following these simple rules:

If you are GOING, click "YES"

If you are NOT GOING, do NOTHING! We are asking you NOT to RSVP "NO" if you don't want to come to an event.

If you have to change from a "YES" to a "NO", please don't explain why you can't (we understand you have better thing to do :) or simply just can't make it).

For events with a cost/fee, please pay by the due date so we can finalize our deposit with the service providers to secure our reservations. The reason we do this is so we can negotiate better deals for our groups with early commitments, so we can save money together!

Beside, You will have too many "NO" on your profile and most organizers won't approve your memberships to other groups based on your status.

Our Policy is for 3 "NO SHOW" and you will be removed from the group regardless if you have paid for your membership.

Release of Liability:

By using this site, you hereby RELEASE and DISCHARGE it's owners, principals, affiliates, presenters, organizer, hosts and participants from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes of action that you now have, or may have in the future, for injuries, damages, death and/or economic loss of any kind or nature, arising in whole or in part out of the activities, advice or information contained herein. You further agree that if you or someone under your supervision uses the information on this website you assume all risks of injury, damage, and economic loss, without limitation, and release providers from all liability therefore.

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