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Nithya Yoga is the deepest representation of Patanjali's truths as encoded in the yoga sutras. One of Patanjali key concepts is, "Your mind is responsible for creating your body." Therefore, if we want to change our body, we have to change our mind first. No amount of exotic yoga postures practiced on the yoga mat are going to bring long lasting change and allow yoga to happen in us if we don't address the mind first. The Nithya Yoga practice is designed to give you the awareness, understanding and experience that every moment in your life can become and essentially is yoga.

The ultimate goal of Nithya Yoga is to prepare the body and mind for experiencing the higher states of awareness and consciousness, to open our eyes to new possibilities and new ways of thinking and living. Through the practice of Yoga, we can rewrite our future! We invite you to join us in our blissful quest towards an eternal uniting. More.. (

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