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Hi Guys.. I am starting this meet-up group in the hope of finding new friends in the Milpitas/San Jose/Santa Clara area. I moved to Milpitas from Cleveland, OH for a new job and am fairly new to the area. I had a lot of good friends near my residence in Cleveland and we used to go out for dining or used to have casual impromptu gatherings at our respective places and the Geographical proximity with each other really helped in developing a close bond of friendship. I am starting this group in the hope of creating something similar.

I was born and raised in India and I moved to the US for higher education. My interest areas are reading fiction, watching American television/movies, cooking new recipes, trying new cuisines, hiking new terrains, long drives, politics, debating about social and political issues, knowing people from other cultures etc.

Feel free to join this group if you are looking for some quality discussion as well as after-work stress release based activities centered around the Milpitas area.

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Paris Baguette

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Paris Baguette