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Welcome to the Milton Keynes .NET user group.

This is a group for anyone based around the three counties (Beds, Bucks and Herts) to meet up and talk about Microsoft .NET technologies.

There are no firm plans for the group yet so I think it would be great to find out the level of interest people have on this, and then moving on to something more formal. Ideas are very welcomed here. If you work with .NET technologies or anything related, feel free to get in touch and suggest talks of around 20 minutes per slot.

Would also be awesome to have some "Lightning Talks" of about 5 minutes each. Right now, it would also be great to get some suggestions of locations we can meet up. Ideally somewhere we can use on a regular basis to get the momentum going.

Wanna speak?

Fill up this form (https://www.infiniforms.io/view/mkdotnet)

Twitter: @DotMiltonKeynes (https://twitter.com/dotmiltonkeynes)

Upcoming events (3)

Xamarin for C-Sharpers

Kinetic Solutions

Hello peeps! It is my great pleasure to host my good friend, Jim Bennett, in May. ------------------------- Xamarin for C# developers. It’s hard to be a .NET developer and not have heard of Xamarin. It’s now part of Microsoft’s ‘Any developer, any platform’ strategy, and allows you to write C# and F# code that runs on iOS and Android. This talk will briefly introduce Xamarin, then dive right into some code building a cross platform app that loads data from a REST service and shows it on screen - the kind of thing a real world app would want to do. We’ll see how much code can be shared between the iOS and Android app and how much has to be platform specific, look at what design patterns can help to increase the amount of code sharing, and briefly look at Xamarin.Forms as a way of targeting 99% code reuse and leveraging existing XAML skills. By the time we’re done you should be able to dive right into Xamarin using the free community versions of Visual Studio on Windows or Mac and be ready to play with building your first app! About Jim: I am a Senior Cloud Advocate working for the developer relations team at Microsoft, and my area of specialty is cross-platform Xamarin apps. Prior to working for Microsoft I was a Xamarin and Microsoft MVP, and worked all around the world building desktop and mobile apps using .NET with C# and F#. I am also the author of Xamarin In Action from Manning publications. -------------------------- As usual, you shall be fed and watered 😀 Lightning talks are welcome. Looking forward to seeing you all! Layla

DDD and Entity Framework with Julie Lerman

VW Financial Services

Hey peeps, I am delighted to announce that the queen of Entity framework, Julie Lerman, will be joining us! There will be food and drink! 1830 doors open, food. 1900 talk We usually go to a local pub afterwards for low key drinks (usually a cola) and a chat. All welcome :) Layla

Community Thunder!

Kinetic Solutions

Hello peeps! We have had some great speakers at MK DotNet but now I'd love to honour the awesome speakers in our community! This will be an evening of lightning talks from 5 to 15 minutes. This is especially awesome for first-time speakers - we are a very supportive and friendly group :-) You can also coerce a friend to speak with you! Please submit your talks to [masked] As usual, you shall be fed and watered 😀 Looking forward to seeing you all! Layla

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C# 8 with Jon Skeet

VW Financial Services

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