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An evening to talk about Non Duality or the Natural State.
Hi everyone, Hope you are well. Please note that the venue, date and start / finish time of the Meetup has changed. ( We will have a little introduction followed by some questions and discussion about this amazing message. You are welcome to send questions or topics of discussion before the meet up. So see you soon. You can also phone me after 5.30PM in the week for a chat. If the date or time is not great for you, let me know. Christian Tel:[masked]

(Costas) Elder Gate, Portway, MK


What we're about


My name is Christian and I would love to meet with people who are interested in Non duality and want to discover more about it.
These talks and gatherings will be about exploring the essence of Non Duality not in an intellectual way, because it is beyond what the mind makes it to be. Non Duality means the essence of life, and we are and have always been one with it, but most people seem to live a different experience, one of separation from everything and everyone.
This experience can be very difficult and often very painful because it seems to keep us from the reality of the simplicity and lightness of life and so everything can end up being very complicated and for some really exhausting and for others downright depressive. This feeling of being separate is the cause of all suffering. Many of us have been and are engaged in searching for a way to solve the dilemma of our existence. The irony is that actually what we are looking for has never been lost and was always there, but it could not be seen because we are dependent on a mechanism that seems to take us and keep us away from it. Non Duality means that usually the sensation and illusion of being incomplete and always needing something, and the suffering that comes with it is not there anymore. It doesn't mean that nothing so called "bad" or "painful", or problematic happens but the prolonged experience of it doesn't happen anymore. Problems are short lived because the mechanism which used to entertain and perpetuate them is no more, so problems are not sticky anymore, and in fact are not seen as problems anymore.
Living in duality is suffering. Non duality is the end, the absence of we could say the psychological, emotional and mental suffering because there is nothing or nobody creating and entertaining that suffering mechanism.
If you are new to this idea of Non Duality it may sound very mysterious, and it is: it is the wonderful mystery of life as it is in its simplicity and awe. I am looking forward to meet and explore this further with you. Christian

The general participation would be 5£ for a meeting, 3£ or free for people with difficulties, and 10£ or more donations for benefactors who may be able to afford to help keep this meet-up and its meetings going and make it possible for those with difficulties to attend.
You can call me on 07962434252 between 6-8PM in the week if you have any questions, suggestions or needs. Thank you and see you soon.

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