Short Block #4 - (3/3) - Role Playing Games


This is a series of 3 weeks (a Short Block) focusing on one-off or shorter role-play games.

There will be many concurrent groups playing different games so there should be something for you. There's no agenda about what games get played; people propose games they want to run on the first night of the Short Block and the most popular ones get played. Here is a link to a page where proposed games are sometimes listed beforehand on our website ( ).

Additionally this is the week that we vote on the games that attendees will be playing in the next Long Block (8 weeks). In the rare instance that a game doesn't run backup choices are used.

The entrance we use is at the rear of York House. If you arrive 5 minutes before start we usually gather by the back door before entering. We usually chat for a few minutes and then split off to different rooms to play.

We are very friendly so upon entering ask for an Exec Member, a Meetup Organiser, or the person running a game you are interested in. You can request beforehand to have two people at the door to meet you rather than enter a crowded room.

You can turn up empty handed and the basics can be provided. However it is recommended to bring a bottled drink (not alcoholic), pen/paper, snacks to share, and if you already have them, dice.

Your first two sessions are free so you can trial the club. The cost of hiring the venue works out to £8 (£4 concessions) per person per month. There's no profit involved, it's purely costs.

Please comment below or Contact Us ( ) with any questions.