Dr. CloudLove - How I learned to stop worrying and love Azure!

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How does a group of malcontents and ne'er do wells take a monolithic enterpris-y web app and turn it into a commercial, scalable, performant cloud-based application that follows best practices? We don't know either! This is what we did instead to make Vault Enterprise not only ship, but ship ahead of schedule.

Chock full of blunders, tech-debt, and our cloud architect shaking his head at us almost non-stop, follow our intrepid heroes' path to success, glory, and fame. (Ok, so none of those things, but we shipped, k?)


Ernie Pazera has been writing code for 33 years, and has been doing so at The Master Lock Company for the last six and a half. He does his best to write as little code as possible because he knows that his own code is just as crap as anyone else's. He's a published author of technical books on game development, which sounds impressive until you find out that the last one was published in 2003. He occasionally streams live coding at https://www.twitch.tv/thegrumpygamedev. Don't watch. It's awful.

James Jester has been working in web development for 12 years, progressing from the nascent days of ASP.Net 2.0 Web Forms, through MVC and Razor, to JavaScript SPAs and Web APIs. More recently he has been wearing multiple hats at THE Master Lock Company, prototyping with newer technologies, putting out fires that arise from existing code bases, and doing the DevOps thing in Azure and Kubernetes.