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The word “kirtan” simply means singing, chanting, and praising the Divine. Kirtan, which is done in the Sanskrit language, is a spiritual practice (and a form of yoga) that originated in India hundreds of years ago. It is a sacred practice that anyone can do, and the music that is created by the participants can carry them to a state of tremendous joy and mental clarity (and each person’s experience is unique, of course!). Kirtan is about our relationship with spirit and how to deepen that connection. It is a non-denominational, universal language of the spirit – a song of the soul, and it is powerful!

During a typical kirtan session, the wallah (kirtan leader, so to speak) sings a mantra (a sacred word or phrase), and the people in the audience sing it back. This chanting of a particular mantra can go on for up to forty minutes and it often speeds up and then slows back down. There are usually several chants in each kirtan session. After a kirtan, many people leave feeling mentally cleansed, emotionally refreshed, and spiritually energized.

Fortunately, we have a very special kirtan scene here in the greater Milwaukee area. A lady by the name of Ragani has been leading kirtans here for several years now on a monthly basis (usually the first Friday of each month or every two months). Ragani’s kirtan is the largest regular kirtan gathering in the entire United States, drawing on average between 300 to 400 people. And you will also find other smaller kirtan events in Brookfield, Cedarburg, and other places in the greater Milwaukee area. For more information about Ragani and kirtan, I encourage you to visit her website at:

Some important things to note about this May 2nd kirtan:

1) The kirtan starts at 7:30 P.M., but the doors actually open at 7:15 P.M. (If you want to get a floor seat that is close to the band or a front row chair seat, we recommend that you get to the church before 7:15 – there is usually a long line!).
2) All are welcome.
3) The cost is $10 (pay with cash).
4) The church is handicap accessible.
5) Bring a cushion if you plan to sit on the floor.

6) If it's possible for you to carpool, please do so (so there is enough parking space for everyone).

Join us for another fantastic first Friday kirtan!



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