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Final Four March Wine Madness Tasting

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During the months of February and March the Milwaukee Wine Lovers will be enjoying a myriad of wines from the United States and Europe in an Old World versus New World Ryder Cup March Wine Madness event, and pit them against one another by voting each week during the month of March until we have our Final Four. We have changed the brackets up a bit this year to include two white brackets to ensure that we have at least two white wines and two red ones in the Final Four competition. Once the Final Four have been selected, they will be revealed and tasted at Ray's Wine & Spirits Tasting Room on April 6th until we have selected a winner in what we hope to be a slam dunk competition, while we watch one of the actual Final Four games that evening! Bracket Tastings will be made available to try as many of the 64 wines in the March Wine Madness competition during the month of February. Look for the Bracket Tastings on our website and sign up quickly, as space is limited.

Registration for the Final Four event is $25 (Paid to Ray's Wine & Spirits via a link to their website - Click Here ( and includes a total of six tastings plus light game day appetizers. Buy your wine at Ray's Wine & Spirits in February, March and through our competition day on April 6th for any of the Elite Eight wines and enjoy a 10% discount for Milwaukee Wine Lovers only, as well as Special Pricing on the day of our tasting event.

Rules are:

• No dribbling while tasting

• Feel free to pass your glass, but no baseline dunks allowed

• Stealing one's bottle is strictly prohibited

• Take as many time outs as needed

• Get your tastings in before the buzzer

Using the March Wine Madness bracket available on our website under ‘Files’ in the ‘More’ drop-down menu view and/or print the bracket. You may taste any or all of the wines, but I encourage you to taste any two that you are voting upon within a match-up. You are strongly encouraged to attend one or more of the bracket tastings that are available during the month of February, thanks to our member volunteers who have agreed to open their homes. You are not required to attend a bracket tasting in order to participate in the Final Four Tasting. The bracket tastings have been made available to you in an effort to help you be able to taste some of the wines in order to encourage voting participation. This competition is meant to be fun, so don't worry if you are unable to taste them all. If you favor reds, taste and vote on those, and visa versa if you are a white wine lover. If you are familiar with some of them, then try the unfamiliar one and vote for your favorite of the two.

Our voting schedule is as follows:

Original round of 64 starts February 16th - March 3rd

The round of 32 between March 4th - 16th

Sweet 16 between March 17th - 24th

Elite 8 between March 25th – 31st

Final Four and World Championship round tasting on April 6th at Ray’s Wine & Spirits Tasting Room

How will this work?

1. You will find the PERK coupon for Ray's Wine & Spirits by clicking on the ‘More’ tab at the top of our web page and follow the drop down menu to ‘Files.’ The PERK is listed at the top below the bracket and titled 2013 Ray's Wine & Spirits Discount PERK. Click on it and the PDF should be easily printed. You will be required to present this PERK at Ray's in order to enjoy the 10% discount during March Wine Madness. Retain this PERK for the duration of the March Wine Madness event and present it each time you visit Ray’s (12 bottles per visit limit. Excludes email wine offers, previous purchases, special orders and any other already discounted wine.) Even without the discount, however, I can assure you that you will hard-pressed to find lower wine prices anywhere else in the Milwaukee area.

2. Attend one or more of the Bracket tastings during the month of February to taste some of the original 64 wines in the March Wine Madness Competition. Afterward, meet with some of your bracket tasting mates or friends to continue tasting the other wines in other brackets.

3. Each Monday during the March Wine Madness event a link to Bracketeer for our bracket tastings ( will be sent out for you to vote on your favorites. Vote before the deadline announced in each email.

4. Make sure your membership dues are current and paid prior to attending this Final Four tasting event at Ray’s Wine & Spirits.

Cost and Payment:

• Cost for the event is $25 (This includes six tastings and appetizers).

• Click Here ( to pay for the event online through Ray's Wine & Spirits website. (You must first RSVP to this event on our website and then prepay on Ray's Wine & Spirits website in order to attend the final four tasting. All pre-payments must be made to Ray's Wine & Spirits by April 4th in order to attend.

Event Day:

1. Bring your receipt for your online payment with you (Just in case).

2. Learn more through an introduction to each of the Final Four wines before each tasting.

3. Enjoy light game day appetizers.

4. Vote for the Championship contestants.

5. See the World Wine Champion revealed.

6. Enjoy Special Pricing for any of the Final Four wines (and some of the elite eight too) that you would like to take home with you.

Sign up for the best seat in the house beginning March 16th!