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Kitty Calm tuesday evening session.
TICKETS AVAILABLE at Come meditate with us and the cats and take the pressure off the pre-Christmas frenzy! Join your friendly instructor Rachel at the UK's first and only mindfulness meditation session in a Kitty Cafe. Animals, especially cats are renowned for their healing power in helping us find calm in less than peaceful moments. If you love cats or maybe just want to learn some useful techniques of how to calm your breathing and find peace within your busy schedules, make time to come and meditate and be around the beautiful cats at the Kitty Cafe in Nottingham. Everybody is welcome, adults, children, experienced or inexperienced and for a very reasonable price, of either £10.00 unwaged or £13.00 if you are waged. There are no mats or special clothes needed, no previous experience required , just a will to want to relax and an hour of your time! Guided relaxation and meditation exercises undertaken will be short, enjoyable and engaging thus suitable for everybody and people with busy and active minds. There will be something for everybody here as the key is to promote relaxation, a happier vibration and an openness which will ensure the kitties come flocking to your peaceful vibration! Tickets can be purchased on the door too but it is best to buy tickets first via to ensure your seat at this unique meditation experience. See you soon!

Kitty Café

31 - 37 Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DD · Nottingham

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Mind Alive provides innovative and creative Mindfulness to all, particularly people who struggle with attention, focus and extremely busy minds! Creative and engaging and appealing to the reluctant to the most established meditator, Mind Alive will offer you something very different to your traditional meditation classes. Designed to engage all types of learner in fun yet focussed Mindful activitity, each Mind Alive session will ensure that you experience stress relief and lots of laughter thrown in for good measure. Combining the use of Art Therapy and colour into the sessions and as many creative ideas of how to meditate and achieve peace in a busy life, no
Mind Alive session can ever be accused of being boring and even if you are no Picasso, this is even better as every activity undertaken is designed equally for the reluctant artist. Attend a retreat and leave with many practical strategies of how to meditate, even with the most busy and inattentive mind.

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