Past Meetup

Pranayama Breathing w/ Markus in BURLINGTON, WI


This ecstatic breathing practice is done lying on the ground, using a specific breathing technique designed to move you into altered states of consciousness. Healer Markus Kasunich will facilitate by assisting each individual to maintain the breath and move energy within the body, as well as assisting in the removal of blockages and the integration of the pranayama experience. Be prepared for a journey into unprecedented states of consciousness.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow. Plan to eat lightly beforehand, and drink water before and after the event.

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning "restraint of the prana or breath". The word is composed of two Sanskrit words, Prana, life force, or vital energy, particularly, the breath, and "yama", to suspend or restrain. It is often translated as control of the life force (prana). When used as a technical term in yoga, it is often translated more specifically as "breath control". Using Shamanic medicine, sound healing, and other vibrational techniques, Markus will assist in the movement of the prana, create a safe and protected space, and faciliated the process for the journey.....

Because of the need for Markus to facilitate this event more intimately, there is a LIMIT ON ATTENDANCE. Please RSVP if you wish to attend.

There is wheelchair access to this venue.

Cost: $30 per person, paid at the event.

This is Markus' FIRST trip to conduct events in Wisconsin in 2014.

If you have never done pranayama breathing, here are comments from people who have participated in similar events in the past:

"I liked it!!! I feel good good today!!! What's up with that? Definitely must do again." - Linda

"The greatest feeling ever!I wish everybody could experience that high at least once in a lifetime. I am very grateful for that experience. Many thanks to Marcus for sharing the miracle! Can't wait for the next one :)" - Maria


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