Past Meetup

Morning Cup - "How to Create and Sustain a Daily Spiritual Practice"



Do you feel like you are not getting the most out of what life has to offer? Do you feel “disconnected”? Are you longing for a deeper and more meaningful connection with your Soul and Spirit? Chances are if you are reading this you are searching . . .

Having a daily spiritual practice can heal depression & anxiety; enhance your relationships; bring you a greater sense of purpose and direction; and open new doors of possibility that were previously closed to you.

Join Kara Catrelle, MSW, LCSW as she teaches us how to create and sustain a meaningful daily spiritual practice.

You will learn:

-the true meaning of “spirituality”
-easy rituals to bring you in alignment with your Soul’s desire
-practical tips for bridging the spiritual with the material world
-various tools and methods catered to your unique body, personality, and life path
-how this practice will immediately benefit your day-to-day life and your loved ones

A minimum of 4 attendees are required for this meetup, so RSVP now!

Suggested Donation: $20 per person

Ms. Catrelle is a licensed psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, conduit for change, and a gifted psychic & professional channel. She has a private practice in downtown Milwaukee, and facilitates workshops, classes, groups, and meditations in the Milwaukee area. She is happy to return to her hometown to bring her knowledge, wisdom and gifts to the beautiful people in Racine.

Since childhood Ms. Catrelle has been fascinated with the exploration of consciousness and human behavior. She is described by many of her peers as having her feet firmly planted in the earth and her head in the heavens – having the unique ability to bridge the mystical with the practical in order to live a fuller, more conscious life.

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