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Morning Cup of Consciousness - "Intro to Thai Massage"


Thai massage is a series of stretching techniques developed in Thailand. It is the oldest documented form of massage in our world and is often referred to as "lazy man's yoga" since the client simply relaxes as the practitioner moves and massages him or her throughout all of the necessary poses.

A must try for all people active and all who are not! This massages helps realign inside and out.... Expanding your bio magnetic energy field and eliminating almost all ailments when done on a monthly basis!

Join us for this Informative discussion.

This event is being held BY DONATION. Please plan to place a donation in the basket to honor our speaker's expertise and time devoted to sharing their knowledge.

Our Speakers are Nick Sweet and Nick Guffey of Samana Wellness.

Born in Milwaukee, Nick Sweet recently returned home to continue his journey with Yoga & Reiki. He began with Bikram Yoga and has now found himself focusing on Ashtanga Yoga. He is thrilled to be trained in and performing Reiki energy healing under the tutelage of Samana Wellness founder, Beth Hope. Nick is certified as a Thai Massage Therapist and Trainer and Reiki Level Two certified.

Co-presenting with Nick sweet, and bringing 9 years of experience, Nick Guffey is the most adept massage therapist at Samana Wellness. He began his training at the Florida College of Natural Health where he obtained an Associates Degree in Natural Health, as well as his certification for Swedish Massage. He continued his practice in Florida, eventually taking it to New York, Chicago and now Milwaukee, where he trained in Thai Massage with owner Nick Sweet as well as founder Beth Hope, and also became certified in Reiki Level 2 with Ryan Hader at Core Essence Milwaukee. Guffey’s greatest gift is his ability to relax even the most tense individual, lovingly called the Dream Therapist because his clients often slip into dream state while he is working on them.

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