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This community explores the self and helps others. Come refresh your mind with our shared growth and bring harmony to your life.

Hypnosis and NLP take your current skill set through the stratosphere. It's like attaching a rocket to your back. Power and Excellence are at your command. Learn the success strategies for personal development and business that create the abundant good life for you today. The unconscious mind is a powerful thing indeed, and our community harnesses that power for your good, and everyone else's too!

The subconscious mind has seemingly magical codes. If you can speak in these codes, others (and yourself) can't help but be transformed by those words. We also discuss how to summon the deepest wisdom from the most hidden part of yourself.

Some people can seem complex and confusing. By knowing their base programming, you can find order, control, and understanding. Know your world from a higher level on your spiral staircase and see it anew for the first time. You can look down and realize the fundamental patterns lying beneath the surface.

Mind Shifts centers on education of all types of mind techniques. Our meetups may focus on NLP one week, Cognitive Science the next, hypnosis the week after, possibly followed by Behavioral Neuro-Science. What will stay the same is the learning of awesome techniques that enrich and improve your life in so many ways. Our philosophy is that one learns by doing. It is not enough that you hear what we say. We want you to be able to do this stuff. As such, we illuminate a working knowledge based on doing.

Expect games and activities!

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