What we're about

Mind the Blockchain focuses on increasing blockchain knowledge and its near-term use across a variety of industry sectors. We are an inclusive and innovative community convening in various forums. We understand that the new wealth creation from blockchain will be about $3.1 trillion by 2030.*

We believe we need to be proactive - not reactive - to this change. If you want to be at the forefront of this new technology, it is time to Mind the Blockchain by educating yourself on its impact. Join us!

We are creating a community of diverse individuals who want to be leaders in their organizations or launch entrepreneurial efforts. Together, we will learn and lead the creation of new economic value. We will not wait for change to make us obsolete. Instead, we will lead the change ourselves!

Our collective goal is to gain understanding around the following:

• Real use cases about how blockchain works in conjunction with other tech solutions to solve problems or create new value within everything from startups to enterprises.

• The positive impact blockchain knowledge and it's application provides us to (1) create economic value, (2) to develop businesses and, (3) to ensure job security.

• Inclusion is essential in discovering better solutions and equitable participation in wealth creation.

*Furlonger, D & Uzureau, C, Executive Guidance: Get to Know Blockchain (Gartner, 2019), 3

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