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Six Week classes to Create a Better Life Now!

Take control of your health, your life, your finances and your business with the power of your mind. In these group classes you will experience subconscious and conscious learnings and understandings to help you create and live the life you desire.

Discover the Secrets to:
• Improving body awareness and deep relaxation skills •
• Letting go of stress, anxiety & fears•
• Overcoming obstacles to optimal health and personal and professional success
• Increasing Self-Confidence •
• Learning to Set Boundaries and Protecting Yourself •
• Building trust in your intuition and inner wisdom
• Tapping into the Unlimited Power of Your Own Mind!

In these group classes you will:
• Learn about and experience hypnosis•
• Benefit from a lower investment than private sessions•
• Tap into the experience and support of others

“The Perfect, Safe Space for Growth & Discovery”

These groups will run for six weeks. Click here for the latest class schedules. (https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/MHWUXC) Every session will include hypnosis, journal writing, group sharing and much more!

Class sizes are limited so reserve your spot now.

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