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Enlightening Relationships
ENLIGHTENING RELATIONSHIPS Enlightening Relationships is a support Group for couples, and those wishing to be in healthy, spiritually-connected relationships. The loving mirrors in our lives challenge our self-reflection, and help us walk a path of intimacy and union in sacred trust and right relationship. The path of relationship blesses us with connection, inspiration and courage, and simultaneously reveals all our deepest wounds and fears. How we respond determines the transitions of our family and community lives, and the rate at which we individually evolve and become a better version of ourselves. Love awakens and catalyzes the deepest parts of our awareness, teaching us how to relate with empathy, express our authenticity and recognize the needs and contributions of others. The path of individuality in the awakening process is different than the path of intimacy, and seeing into the archetypes and patterns of our behavior in relationship benefits every part of our personal growth. This Group will help couples process the path of inter-relating with one another, and give single people the opportunity to work deeply through intimacy issues before they arise in relationship. $20 exchange. Single men and women, and couples are welcome to attend. Every 4TH THURSDAY of each month. 7:00-9:00/9:30. Mind of LIGHT offers a $60 monthly unlimited pass for all classes and groups. Facilitated by Shinai A. Schindler, Seer, Empath, Meditation instructor and Medicine woman. Shinai has been facilitating Groups professionally since 1997. *We politely request that everyone sit on the floor within the circle. Backjacks and blankets are provided. If you need additional support, please bring what you may need. **We also request that NO PERFUMES or fragrant cosmetics be worn in respect to our empathic and/or asthmatic members. FREE PARKING is available in front of the Studio. Please be aware and use caution when entering and exiting 66th St.

Mind of Light Studios

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This Group supports individuals on the path of spiritual progress and awakening. Each of us follows a different road down the journey of self-discovery; no two look the same. We do however face common obstacles and experience similar breakthroughs along the way. By utilizing all the tools we have to facilitate the ease of that journey, we make it possible to walk the path with Grace. Meditation, visualization, prayer, supportive mirroring, affirmation, spiritual guidance, healing rituals, and energetic clearing and grounding are some of the many methods offered by dedicated practitioners through Mind of Light Studios.

It is our belief that we all know the best way to awaken and heal ourselves, and that aligning with that inner knowing is the best gift we can give to honor our unique journey. As we join together, there is the opportunity to encourage an emergence of wisdom from each seeker, that contributes ultimately to the Lightwork we have all come here to do.

Mind of Light

Mind of Light creates holistic programs and integral practices that serve to empower the innate health and wisdom of the human Mind. Our Studios provide programs in the Healing Arts, offering a context of embodied experience where people can learn about and explore their path of healing and remembering through insight, intuition and shared connection.

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