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"Mindfulness creates a foundation to unlock the emotional intelligence needed to thrive in a demanding, rapidly changing and uncertain world."

Demanding hours, countless distractions, and a constant need for more can drive our minds so far into the future that we take our focus away from what is right in front of us. The present moment. And, this moment is the only time we actually have to influence our future.

Through mindfulness — to combat this pressure — we can tap into a state of mind extremely similar to an athlete being “in the zone” or what performance psychologists call “flow state”.

In this state we are efficiently, effectively and intentionally spending our time. With this interactive workshop, Mike teaches entrepreneurs, marketing executives and leaders how to create mindful habits to improve focus, increase revenue and develop resilience.


- Limit Distractions and Spend Time Intentionally
- Build Resilience, Decrease Stress and Improve Patience
- 2 Part Strategy for High Performance
- Detach From Mental Chatter And Refocus On The Process

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