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Soul-Level Mentors will bring empowered women together who are hearing the call to truly LEAD others in a way that grows their life and business spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially from their soul's highest vision.

This group would be great if you are a life coach, consultant, healer, mentor, healthcare worker, or someone who has transformed your own life in such a way that you are absolutely lit-up and fired-up about your work (or potential work) in the world. If this sounds like you, then it is time to begin sharing your unique gifts with others in a more powerful way - let's get together to talk about how.

This group will specifically help women who are interested in high-ticket online marketing, and who are ready to call in the abundance and worthiness that they so deserve and will need in order to truly deliver the transformation that emerges from their creative genius of their soul's unique mastery.

At these meetups, we will gather as fellow soulful businesswomen who will meet to brainstorm the next expansive evolution of our businesses, whilst learning how to begin selling high-ticket transformational packages that emerge from your soul, and will allow you to really leverage your time and energy.

We will all be connecting together as empowered women who are moved to SERVE humanity and are ready to say YES to their highest vision of transformation for the highest good of all.

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