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How to Have Interesting Conversations by Matt Kendall- Limited Tickets.
Details Currently there are a number of conversation courses available on Meetup. This is the original, and i urge you to read the mountains of feedback from past attendees at the bottom of this page. Learn how to be interesting and connect with people without having to do weird stuff and being embarrassed. Imagine how much confident you would be in social and work situations if you knew exactly how to start and control an interesting conversation. **Please note: this is a ticketed event. RSVP on meetup will not get access on the day.** For information on the lectures & speakers, and tickets, please see: Conversation and social skills are dying art forms. The internet may have connected us, but it is breaking down our ability to communicate face to face. Teaching people the skill and art of effective communication is something I love to do, so I thought I would bring all the skills together and present it as a 1 day workshop. In this 1 day workshop we will be covering; • How to plan and research your interactions • How to start, direct and end a conversation • How to keep interactions going using social media (SMS, Facebook etc) • Put people into any kind of emotional state or mood that you choose How to ask proper questions • How to use time distortion to make people think they have known you for a long time and connect with you instantly • How to make effective statements about people and read their minds • Eliciting amazing experiences and emotions in people so they want you around • The difference between what people say and what people do • Active Listening and how to use peoples own words to build rapport • Amazing persuasion skills that allow you to guide people into making a decision • How social and group dynamics really work • How appearance, status and location dramatically affect communication • How to prepare for meetings, conversations, parties etc • The most common mistakes people make in conversation This workshop is open to both men and woman and for any skill level. It will be based on NLP and hypnosis. I am so confident in the techniques that I teach and I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you feel by the end of the day that it was not worth the money you paid, I will refund you 100%. This workshop is really suitable for the following groups of people; Social - How to meet new friends and form social circles Sales people – learn how to massively connect and influence sales people Therapists/coaches – how to really understand people’s situations and building rapport Entrepreneurs – how to connect with clients and sell your ideas Dating – all these skills are amazing in the dating world for both men and women Bosses/leaders – learn how to influence groups of people Recently separated – are you recently separated and want to build new social circles, this is perfect for you Networkers – learn how to connect and network with people All the skills I will be teaching are ethical. Although some of it is based in hypnosis, these skills are to help you become a better communicator and influencer for the better. The spaces are limited for this event so please book ASAP.= For information on the lectures & speakers, and tickets, please see: Matt Kendall Here is the feedback from the last workshop in February 2017; Jimi Sayo "A very valuable workshop and a totally different way of looking at effortless persuasion. The pace was honed to perfection and the interaction amongst participants a great way to embed what we were learning." COD "Great workshop! Lots of information and practical advice. Chris Murphy "Excellent Workshop well put together and great number of practical exercises, thanks Matt!" Helena Benson "I have really enjoyed the talk. It was Very informative and fun! Thank you!" Loveleen "Brilliant workshop today; invaluable content. I hope to see this repeated so I can recommend it to friends and colleagues. Thanks Matt!"

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Ever you ask your self these question

“How can I create healthy habits and overcome behaviour patterns that cause stress and anxiety in my life?”

''How I Can Create Multiple Stream Of Incomes Based On My Passion & Talents Interest?

“How can I become a more wiser and happier person and improve my productivity?”

“How can I find spiritual,mental,emotional and financial freedom in my life?”

“How can I create a life style of adventure?)”

“How can I overcome mental obstacles to become more effective and get things done in my life?”

This is a group for people who want to grow in different aspects of there life,it can be Health, confidence,Spiritual,Financial Freedom and Emotional Freedom .At each event we going to invite speaker to come and talk about a topic their choice. The topics include master your confidence personal development, NLP, business, spirituality, financial freedom,Entrepreneur and more. Intention to create this group is to bring people together and learn new things in life and help each other to grow as a human being and connect with each other.

You take an active interest in your personal growth and self-improvement to be a better you.

here are the reasons why you should join our talks

1. Meet and network with like-minded people ( progressive, creative, hope-driven, courageous)

2. Get to hear some of the best speakers from different backgrounds

3. join an environment that will support your personal growth

4. All events are expertly organised.

5.You seek deep meaningful relationships with others.

Mission of this group is to build a strong social support and networks and create a supportive learning atmosphere so people can grow in there life.

continuity of practice is the secret of success.

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