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We’d love to welcome you to our Mindful Eating Course. We make research accessible so that you can learn how to:

* move forward with your relationship with food and maintain your preferred weight.

* really unwind and navigate a stressful hectic life calmly

* learn how to be kinder on yourself, feel more confident and resilient

* experience and enjoy eating in new helpful ways: rediscover and really enjoy food

Latest research from leading centres, such as Harvard University, show the benefits and longstanding effects of mindful eating upon our mood, physical health and weight.

Part of the course is learning about the way the body works in a range of situations including when feeling anxious or overwhelmed or low, this includes why we find ourselves ‘emotional eating’, eating 'too much' or not feeling like eating and, importantly, tried-and-tested practical ways to move forward. Includes learning how to apply mindfulness to eating: we therefore bring freshly made food to practice what we are learning (please let us know dietary requirements when booking).

Our Well-being & Mindful Eating Course is an accessible, enjoyable and relaxing way to learn up-to-date knowledge and skills to help your life today. Within all our Well-being talks and courses we aim to facilitate small and supportive groups. There is a focus on everyone taking time out from their busy lives to pause, to think, to learn and to discover ways to be mindful and support their own well-being.

Hosted by Greg Mackenzie, NHS accredited and trained Psychotherapist with 15 years experience. We cap the course at ten people to enable a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and so we can tailor to your specific hopes and dilemmas.

This course is about learning long-term ways to feel better and navigate challenges with a calm clear mind. It’s also about taking time to relax and have an enjoyable few weeks whilst you learn valuable skills. See latest courses via this link, or just message us to be added to our newsletter:


“It's been life-changing for me, and although weight loss wasn't my main intention, being able to maintain a healthy weight has been a wonderful result. And I think I'm probably enjoying eating more than I ever did. So many, many thanks for the mindful eating awareness.”

“I wanted to express my thanks for how much the course has made a difference to my life. I’d recommend it to anyone hoping to learn how to be calmer in face of a challenge! Or hoping to learn how to cope with stresses or feel confident in themselves. Applying mindfulness to eating was a great idea and allowed me to put into practice what I’d learnt straight away. It was a lovely fun and relaxed way to learn- thank you Greg!”

“I’ve always been a bit of a worrier and this course has given me ways to manage worry and anxiety which actually work! My partner and friends are amazed by the change in how much less stressed I am and how I now react calmly and confidently even when my buttons are pressed! Thank you thank you.”

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Mindful Eating: Evening 4-week Course

The museum of Harlow, Muskham road, CM20 2LS

Mindful Eating 4-Week Course

The museum of Harlow, Muskham road, CM20 2LS

Mindful Eating 4-week Course: start your year well

The museum of Harlow, Muskham road, CM20 2LS

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