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After nearly ten years of teaching English to adults for professional development purposes, I have found the greatest obstacle to learning is ourselves and our confidence.

This is a space where language learning is combined with personal development, making it a combined technique. This Meetup is for students of English who would like to learn in a relaxed and calm environment, making it different than traditional English classes. Classes and events will incorporate meditation and exercises for greater self awareness to compliment your learning.

The group is suitable for English students who feel blocked in their learning, those who would like to try a new approach, or those who have a meditation or spiritual practice, although this is not required to participate!

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Learning a language is like the life of a plant. It’s something to regularly take care of: you plant with vocabulary, water with practice and pull weeds (by correcting mistakes) with the help of a teacher and coach, so the plant can grow. Mindful English combines personal development with language learning and uses greater awareness as the primary tool in learning. This approach to learning is for students of English who would like to learn in a relaxed and calm environment, to learn English and train their minds as the same time. The MindFul English philosophy is based on linguistic principles of learning, and the approach is similar yet different than a traditional English class at a language school. *You must register on the website: https://www.gettotheorigin.com/events/mindful-information-session *After registering the Zoom details will be sent to you. Join me for an information session on the philosophy and news about upcoming events for the second half of 2020. See you online! Meghan

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