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Jigme Lingpa, a Tibetan Buddhist Center offers several Public Talks throughout the year addressing some of our everyday life situations and challenges. Some topics might offer helpful tools we can use in order to overcome our inner challenges.

Topics can range from the importance of inner peace, the benefits of meditation, how to manage our personal and family relationships, work, healthy living and healing, how to deal with loss and grieving.

Our motivation is to facilitate or inspire a more joyful, harmonious, and fulfilling human existence as we remain present in our daily lives.

After the Talk, there is always room for questions.

Past events (19)

Cultivating Love and Relationships

WorldBeat Cultural Center

How do Buddhist Prayers and Mantras work?

WorldBeat Cultural Center

Understanding Karma: What is it and How does it work

WorldBeat Cultural Center

Tibetan Buddhist Healing Chod Ceremony

Yoga Jones

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