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A Mindful Walk in the Woods Deep Run Park
Come, Join Us. Take a vacation from technology for a little while. Let go of the demands, distractions and anxiety of modern living. Experience nature in a way you never have before, and let Mother Nature lovingly bathe you in the sights, sounds, smells, textures and sensations of the forest. Come and uncover the magic under each leaf, within each flower, gentle breeze, babbling brook and blade of grass. Welcome in the experience of total awareness. The grounded relaxation it brings to your body, the gentle calm it brings to your mind and the loving way Mother Nature soothes and nourishes your soul. A Mindful Walk in the Woods, otherwise known in Japan as Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), has proven to be a valuable therapy to improve health physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually and is recognized as a therapy of the future. The way Yoga was 30 years ago. Benefits include: a reduction in stress and anxiety a sense of peace, groundedness & calm an improvement in mood and a general sense of feeling happier a deeper connection to life all around us an increase in energy Boosts immune system Reduces blood pressure Increased ability to focus, even in kids with ADHD Improved sleep Accelerates recovery from illness Improves recovery from surgery Lifts depression learn more at: • What to bring This is a 90 min. vacation from technology, so please leave your phones off or leave them in the car. Wear bug repellent and comfortable walking shoes. This walk is about the journey, instead of the destination. See you soon!....and if you like your walk, please join me again!

Deep Run Park & Recreation Center

9900 Ridgefield Parkway · Richmond, VA

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Our mission is to help you create a higher quality of life, as naturally and simply as possible, through the art of mindful & intuitive awareness.

We are a heart-centered group interested in exploring how the daily art of mindfulness can help us cultivate more harmonious relationships with ourselves & others, tune-in more clearly to our intuition, connect with the natural world around us and simply live a more fulfilling and nourishing life.

We look forward to having you join us for a Mindful Walk in the Woods, or for any of our Mindful & Intuitive Living guest classes, workshops and events.

Here's to an authentic and blessed life!

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