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I am a Journal Therapy Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator, Nature Connection Guide & Body Healing Coach.

I am also a writer and radio presenter. I have personally utilised the healing power of journaling for over 40 years and have developed a purposeful and structured practice with my community at www.dadirriwellbeing.com. We are a down to earth, welcoming tribe, seeking authentic connection to self, community & Nature.

You are so welcome to the group. Please attend introductory sessions for each practice to ensure your best experience.

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'Morning Pages' Mindful Journaling Course

Zoom Video Communications

Welcome to the home of the written word for wellbeing, Soul to Page.

This event is an opportunity to develop a "Morning Pages" Journaling practice with the benefit of carefully guided prompts, and the motivation of meeting as a group.

This is run as a five-morning course from 06:45-07:15 each morning to encourage regular practice.

The initial concept of Morning Pages is equivalent to that of The Brain Dump, where there are short, timed journal entries of free writing. However, we will be taking your experience much further and there will also be a variety of specific prompts, some we will work with daily, others will be specific to the day.

By the end of the week, you will have a good variety of prompts to use in your private practice and you'll be provided with details of the prompts used at the end of the course.

The emphasis of this course is a gentle and focussed journal experience to set you up for the day.

I will bring the prompts; you bring yourself and your coffee!
By experiencing some consistent journaling, you can experience the benefits of daily practice.

Some feedback from the last Morning Pages Course
“Morning Pages created a different space to morning meditation…there’s something about the active process of writing…that shifts something in my head…morning journaling was like looking at a map before I set out on the journey of the day” Jess

Dates are Monday 18th-Friday 22nd October[masked]:15

The course requires a minimum number of attendees, and there will also be a maximum number, so please don’t delay in signing up.

Early bird rate of £30 if you pay by 8pm Monday 11th October.
£40 thereafter.
Please pay via the Soul to Page PayPal account,
Or send PayPal payment to [masked]

A zoom link will be sent the evening before each session.
No refunds unless canceled by the host.

A Mindful Christmas Zoom Workshop

Zoom Video Communications

Christmas is an amazing time of the year, it can also be a powder keg of expectations, strained family relationships, financial pressure, and duty.

I invite you to join me and take a pause before the seasonal mayhem sets in. We’ll take a personal look at Christmas; what it means to us, the challenges it presents, and shake things up! By examining our beliefs and expectations we can realign our mindset with one that is more beneficial and authentically represents our true feelings.
We also change, grow and develop, Christmas can often take us instantly back to deep-rooted traditions that perhaps are no longer aligned to who we are. Alternatively, by pausing, we can also reconnect to old traditions we would like to reinstate for our Christmas experience.

By approaching Christmas with a mindful mindset, we can understand where the pressures reside and put strategies in place to allow us to just enjoy the moment.

We will be looking at;
* Examining our beliefs about the event (not our religious beliefs), our learned set of values and expectations, and release those which do not serve us.
* Many of us do not have the standard "Christmas ad" narrative; we might be one-parent families, struggling financially, indeed we may live alone. Together, we will explore not only accepting our personal narrative but fully embracing it!
* Many of us will have beloved family members no longer with us and we will look at how to manage those emotions and still honour their presence during this time.
* We will look at introducing our own "rules", new traditions, and values that serve us as individuals, rather than repeating traditions that don't represent who we are.
* Strategies to incorporate changes within a set framework that cannot be altered

We will be working with the following modalities;
* Journaling – various formats
* Mindful meditation
* Visualisation

Plus much more.....!

In short, you will leave with a much deeper understanding of why Christmas really matters to you and new ways to experience it in alignment with who you are today.

The workshop is £20. Please send payment to paypal.me/WriteSoultoPage.
Please note there will be a minimum number of participants so please don't delay your booking!

The session will be held via Zoom and videoed for those who might not be able to make the event but feel they would benefit from a fresh, mindful approach to their Christmas experience.

New Year's Revolution Zoom Workshop

Zoom Video Communications

How often have you written a list of New Year’s resolutions, only to feel a failure by 6th January?! In this workshop, I offer you a new and meaningful way to address the issue and transform it into an empowering, meaningful process that truly leads you in the direction you wish to go.
A few years ago, I became tired of the usual New Year’s Resolution List. Afterall, what really was it? It was a list to start the New Year reminding me of my misgivings and a kind of “must do better” end of year report!! It never worked, not in any meaningful way.
So, I changed my approach, making it something positive and meaningful and guess what, meaningful change and progress started to happen! I then introduced it to my children and The New Year’s Revolution is now a new family tradition.
This is the background to a workshop that has been four years in development; a multi-modality workshop that calls upon Mindful Meditation, Journaling, Visualisation, Celtic Ogham Tree Wisdom and The Law of Attraction. Above all, it calls upon us to show kindness and compassion to ourselves. With a slight shift in our thinking, found through guided exercises and intuitive connection, we move our focus from what we DON’T want in our lives next year, firmly in the direction of what we DO want to attract into 2021.
Thoughts are energy, energy attracts like for like.
The Workshop Structure:
• Your relationship to the concept of New Year, establishing your thoughts and beliefs and then challenging them
• A brief introduction to the modalities employed for this workshop
• An introduction to The Law of Attraction and why it works energetically
• Exercises in Mindful Meditation to still the mind and connect to our intuition
• A discussion on the power of intention
• Examining the impact of Creative Imagining, both negative and positive, with exercises for you to experience
• Carefully selected journaling exercises to increase awareness of your inner self
• The concept of The Vision Board
And much more….!
It is crucial to explain that you are not expected to share your journals, in fact, wellbeing journaling only works if you know that it is for your eyes only. This eliminates self-censorship. It will be a safe space to share any experiences following the exercises, but this is absolutely not expected. This is your process.
To book please send £20 to paypal.me/WriteSoultoPage
The session will be videoed for those who cannot attend. There is a minimum number of attendees, so please don’t delay in booking your place.

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