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Are you fulfilling your full potential?
Are you stuck in a suffocating seriousness which prevents you from being the joyful being that you really are? On this Retreat you will have the opportunity to discover ways to become more joyful and positive and to let go of the disease of stress and seriousness which holds us back form achieving our fullest potential. Only 25 spaces will be available for this event!
The Experience:
Mirthful Mindfulness, Fun Flow Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation, Laughter, Gibberish, Fun, Playfulness, Creativity, Love, Connections, Enlightenment and Healing.
A 2 days outdoor event bridging fun with healing and spirituality!
Letting go of the disease of seriousness!
Allowing JOY and PLAYFULNESS to fill your heart!
Finding your True Essence! Finding Your Aliveness!
This is a rustic outdoor event with minimal stimuli so that we can dive deep into the process of unpeeling the layers of our BS(Belief System).
It’s a weekend dedicated to the art of Joy and Laughter, as a way to better understand ourselves, discover our body, explore Nature, and reflect on the different facets of our core essence.
We’ll play, dance, laugh, meditate, do Yoga, reflect in nature, connect and share our most inner being.
It’s an invitation to rediscover our inner and outer Laughing Body with little or no external stimuli.

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