What we're about

What’s the purpose of the group?
To create a community for people who are interested in learning about mindful living and for people who want to help others, and themselves, maintain a mindful life.

Who should join?
You should join if you're interested in expanding your knowledge about mindful living and/or in finding a community that helps you maintain a mindful life.

What will you do at your events?
Our hope is to have the majority of the events help attendees learning and maintain mindful living ways.

_____BEYOND the ABOUT page_____

BENEFITS of mindful living by the American Psychological Association (APA)

-Reduced rumination
-Anxiety and Stress reduction.
-Boosts to working memory.
-Focus-Less emotional REactivity.
-More cognitive flexibility-Relationship satisfaction

A SONG about mindful living by George Harrion: https://youtu.be/7Pc2tfmuWwU

TOOLS to live mindfully: https://zenhabits.net/toolset/

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