What we're about

Come join us and make new running friends while discovering the great benefits of mindfulness and mindful movement, and learn to run at your best! Whether you're a new runner or a pro, learn how to run mindfully and with natural running form, to run easier, faster, and with less chance of injury! Together through fun events we'll learn how to get in that elusive flow state—with every run becoming a moving meditation. You'll discover how to quiet your mind, gain laser-like focus, improve concentration, productivity, and an over-all sense of well-being and joy through your running practice. You'll also learn natural running form, helping you become stronger, healthier, and more injury resistant. Look out PR's, here you come! And if you've ever been injured, mindful running will help you come back faster, with a more relaxed and super-charged body, mind and soul. Running mindfully changes more than your sport, it can change your life. Come join us, the founders of mindfulrunning.org, for fun clinics, group meditations, and restorative runs!

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