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Mindful Running 101 - An Introduction to Mindfulness and Running at Central Park

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Come join us for our fun inaugural event!

Discover how to run lighter, easier, and with less chance of injury while learning how to quiet the mind, get in the zone, and get the incredible benefits of mindfulness, all while running or walking!

In this session we'll cover the basics, from:

  • Benefits of Mindful Running

  • How to Begin Mindful Running

  • How to Meditate while Moving

  • Breathing for Mindful Running

  • Short Mindful Running Drills

Don't be scared off if you're not a great runner, or haven't run in years. This clinic is truly for all levels, from soon-to-be-former coach-potatoes, to future Meb Keflezighi's, and everyone in-between.

And don't worry if you've never meditated before or struggle to meditate. Quieting the mind while moving is hard-wired into our being. It's a survival mechanism for running, hunting, and escaping predators. So it's easy to learn and we'll show you how.

The tools you'll learn will help improve your running, and help you rewire the mind. So the benefits will remain even when at home or at work. This helps you become more relaxed, present and focused, more patient, sharper and clearer thinking, more productive, and of course better able to breathe and to sleep!

Note: We'll only be doing a few hundred yards of running as we practice new techniques, so you need not be in shape, or show up with fresh legs, ready to pound out a fast 10K. Far from it. This is a fun hands-on learning session, rather than a running one.

We can't wait to meet everyone, and see you there. Prepare to have fun!!!

Note: The Meetup is officially from 9 - 11 AM followed by a short Q/A. However, feel free to join Jessica and me for a silent mindfulness meditation from 8:00 - 8:30 on the south lawn as well.

Central Park West · New York, NY
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