What we're about

Mindful Women Aarhus is a safe and a sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen.

This community is all about empowering connection, a refuge of trust, love and, hey, also, having fun together creatively!

This group is for you, if you are open for :
- for empowerment sessions with other women
- for sharing wisdom
- for getting in touch with your feminine strength
- for turning up your positive vibrations
- for simply laughing
- for creativity

All the topics in the group will be associated with mindful living, including lots of workshops, deep discussions, practical exercises together and yummy snacks to uplift our energies even further.

Each group will be divided into 8-12 participants to create a cosy atmosphere and reach more deeper discussions, where each participant can be involved. We are here for quality discussions. Though, occasionally big meetings will be made with the whole group members too.

“By coming together with other women, we are sending out that big radio wave from each one of us. This frequency ripples out and other people are touched by that. And that’s how we can continue to bring more light. To bring light to what is here...to bring light to the shadows. It really can be revealed and something huge can shift.”

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