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April, 2015

Welcome to the Mindful Events Meetup. This page has certainly evolved over the years as those who have been on board for a while will attest. Just like LIFE, which changes and evolves, so must this Meetup to express a new offering.

It is called Mindful Events as the calendar will show “events”, not ongoing classes, like the past incarnation of this page.

Over the last several years there have been many many more Meetup Groups started and these groups have been flourishing in Mind / Body / Spirit offerings. Beautiful expansion! So, when I was waiting for the insight for the next best use of this page moving forward, I allowed the space and the time for the unfolding. And when it happened, there was no denying it. It is such an extraordinary way to live in the flow of the Universe. As we know, being human is not always easy but the contrast is our navigational guide and sometimes the best action is no action

Now, it is time!

Thank you for joining me on this new Meetup page and the events that we are posting. Note, there will not be a daily overabundance of email communication of Events as there has been in the past with the high volume of classes previously provided, as this class model is more than covered by other Meetups. So, stay tuned! Stay on board! Stay tapped in! There are new events by other instructors and practitioners who will post on this page that are under development and will be posted soon.


Lee Papa
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