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Meet the Masters- An intro to the Ascended Hosts of Light w/Richard Meyers

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Meet the Masters - An Introduction to the Ascended Hosts of Light

The Ascended Masters are Sons and Daughters of God who have fulfilled life's sacred purpose and taken their ascension. They are ready to help those willing to walk the spiritual Path and achieve their own victory of Light.

They are the "Saints robed in white", souls we have known as Gautama, Krishna, Jesus, Abraham, Zoroaster, and other spiritual teachers and healers throughout the ages. Their message is simple: "We are One. You can do what we have done. You can be what we are. You need only realize your true divine nature, as we have."

Come learn about these dear Brothers and Sisters of Light and the part they have played in Earth's history. Learn bout the five levels & stages of consciousness. Find out who you are and why you are here. Discover the Secret Chamber of the Heart, the Threefold Flame, the Seven Rays, and the Path of the Ascension. Get introduced to the Chohans of the Rays, the Lords of Karma, Masters, Angels, and Elementals. Explore past lives and your part in the cosmic drama. Accelerate your journey. Renew your association with those who have achieved Life's Victory and who are here to help you achieve yours as well.

This is the first of two related classes on the Ascended Masters. You must have taken this first class in order to attend the second class.

BIO: The program is conducted by Brother Richard, a Bishop in the Order of Melchizedek, an ancient group of beings who work to actively support and encourage planetary and individual enlightenment. Brother Richard is a spiritual teacher, healer, and counselor. In this life, he has been consciously working with the Ascended Masters for over thirty years.

The second class in this series is:

Working with the Ascended Masters

Build on what you learned in "Meet the Masters" to more effectively follow the Path. We will be covering topics such as: Working with the Masters and having them work for you, effective ways to pray and meditate, the Science of the Spoken Word, visiting the Masters' Retreats at night while sleeping, and many practical applications of advanced spiritual principles.