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Seraphim Blueprint Level VI - Grace & Union w/Brenda Calvin

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Level VI - Seraphim Grace & Union

10-hour workshop, seperated into 2 days

*Pre-requisite is Seraphim Blueprint Level I, II, III, IV, V


As we evolve, grace and beauty become much more important to us like food for our soul. Perceptions become more refined and we actually acquire a need to feed our Higher Mind with celestial “food.” Celestial food consists of all things beautiful to the five senses. After getting these energies, we may not only notice the beauty of nature more, we might actually require the availability of such beauty as an absolute necessity for our existence. As we vibrate in higher dimensions, physical food will be less important. We will start to draw energy in more pure forms. This level prepares our bodies for such refined sensibilities. A vibrational upgrade allows us to access higher frequencies.

Initiations into the Grace and Beauty Energy followed by Initiations into the Union with Source. The word Grace refers to living in the flow with the Universe - allowing for things to unfold naturally, much the same way a flower opens naturally. This Energy helps to develop Celestial Vision, which is a higher development than clairvoyance or psychic vision. A much stronger collective consciousness is developed. The Universe is coming to know itself through us.

Ruth Rendely, Founder of Seraphim Blueprint, will provide each graduate a Seraphim Blueprint Certificate of Completion for Levels I - VI.

*Course length may vary based on number of participants.

This symbol shown can connect us with the Seraphim Angel who is the Guardian of this powerful energy source.

Having an experience is superior to any attempt at an explanation. - So please try it: Print the symbol and touch it with your palm for a few minutes. Close your eyes. Do you sense a connection? Can you feel a flow of energy?

This award winning spiritual system, first discovered in Atlantis, has found many enthusiastic practitioners in America, Asia, Australia and in Europe since its rediscovery over 15 years ago.

Minimum of 4 students is required to hold class.

LEVEL 6 IS A 10-HOUR WORKSHOP, but seperated into 2 days:

10 am – 3 pm (Saturday, Oct 12th) AND

10 am - 3 pm (Sunday, Oct 13th)

As the Seraphim Blueprint Energies progressively build upon the foundational Energy initiations, the pre-requisite for this workshop is Seraphim Blueprint Level I, II, III, IV, V.

Brenda has enjoyed a rich professional background for many years, owning her own company, being published numerous times and speaking internationally in such locales as Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Woven through all of those years was her authentic love of people and other cultures. In 1987, Brenda was honored to go on “Vision Quest” with the Native American Lakota tribe, where her love of the land (Earth) was ignited. This passion for the indigenous, traditional peoples was re-energized in 2013 as Brenda was invited to accompany other profound healers on a mission to Alaska, where she interacted with numerous traditional peoples. This included a sacred encounter with Grandma Rita, one of the renowned "13 Grandmothers".

She has also studied the ancient healing art of Ayurveda, a 5000 year old mind/body medicine, with renowned teacher, Deepak Chopra. She has studied Energy Healing and Light with Georgina Reagan, Sufi Dancing and many other consciousness-raising modalities, too numerous to count. She sees her life as a wondrous exploration of remembering who we are – which is love in animated form.

In her full-time healing practice, Brenda’s passion of assisting others in living with more joy and less pain has unending personal testimonials, describing major shifts in people’s lives – physically, mentally & emotionally. Her healing transmissions at a distance have resulted in so-called miracles; however Brenda is the first to say that she is merely a vessel for such work – a willing participant with the Divine.

She now spends a large portion of her time in service to humanity through a High Angel – A Seraphim Angel. Teaching all six levels of the Seraphim Blueprint & Seraphic Tour of the Solar System, students receive initiations, which form a system for accelerated self-evolution. This system is likewise a healing tool, as many of the Energies can be used for healing others. Brenda trained with the founder of this amazing system, Ruth Rendely, who is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Seraphim Blueprint – The Power of Angel Healing.