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Reiki Master Level Certif. Class and Attunement w/ Brenda Calvin

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Price: $350.00 /per person
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Reiki Master Level Class and Attunement

with Brenda Calvin

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work used to relax, replenish and aid the body’s innate ability to heal itself. What sets Reiki apart from other energy therapies is the attunement, which is given by a Reiki master teacher to the student.

During the attunement, the body’s energy channels open and are cleared of obstructions, thereby increasing the initiate’s connection to the Universal Life Force Energy.

At the end of this course, students receive a Master level attunement from the instructor to further enhance their journey of spiritual development and healing. This attunement energetically passes on to the student the ability to attune others and teach the healing art of Reiki. Please see pre-requisite listed below.*

Reiki Level 3 / Master Level - $350

Friday, September 20, 2013 10 am - 6 pm (class may end earlier depending on discussion time and the number of students)

There will be a lunch break. You can eat at the delicious Ganesha Cafe or there are nearby eateries.

*Pre-requisite: Must submit Ganesha Center's Usui Reiki Master Class Application, with attached certificates of completion for Reiki I & Reiki II. For application, please e-mail instructor: You may submit application at Ganesha Center front desk or to instructor via e-mail.

Cash, Checks & Major Credit Cards are accepted at Ganesha Center to pre-register or you may pay through paypal when you RSVP on-line. There is a minimum of 4 students to hold the class.

Class taught by: Brenda Calvin

Brenda has enjoyed a rich professional background for many years, owning her own company, being published numerous times and speaking internationally in such locales as Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Woven through all of those years was her authentic love of people and other cultures. In 1987, Brenda was honored to go on “Vision Quest” with the Native American Lakota tribe, where her love of the land (Earth) was ignited. This passion for the indigenous, traditional peoples was re-energized in 2013, as Brenda was invited to accompany other profound healers on a healing mission to Alaska.

She has studied the ancient healing art of Ayurveda, a 5000 year old mind/body medicine, with renowned teacher, Deepak Chopra. She has studied Energy Healing and Light with Londoner, Georgina Reagan, Sufi Dancing and many other consciousness-raising modalities, too numerous to count. She sees her life as a wondrous exploration of remembering who we are – which is love in animated form.

In her full-time healing practice, Brenda’s passion of assisting others in living with more joy and less pain has unending personal testimonials, describing major shifts in people’s lives. Healing transmissions at a distance have resulted in so-called miracles; however Brenda is the first to say that she is merely a vessel for such work – a willing participant with the Divine.

She now spends a large portion of her time in service to humanity through a High Angel – A Seraphim Angel. Teaching all levels of the Seraphim Blueprint, students receive initiations of various Energies, which form a system for accelerated self-evolution and therefore, a raising in vibration. This is likewise a healing tool, as many of the Energies can be used for healing others. Brenda trained with the founder of this amazing system, Ruth Rendely, who is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Seraphim Blueprint – The Power of Angel Healing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Not only is Brenda a master healer, she is also a natural educator, gifted in her ability to convey meaning to her actions. This is a rarity. The value of her sessions will not be readily apparent, until days and months pass, when you notice your newfound ability to be able to relate to others more compassionately and you begin to naturally shift your paradigm with ease. As a hospice and pediatric private duty nurse, Brenda has expanded my ability to care for my patients wholly. She has shown me the way to enhance my nursing capabilities via application of intuition and compassionate, empathetic care" - Mary Benner

“I have done chakra clearing and other similar sessions at various spas, but have never felt the energy or had the spiritual experience I had at my first session with Brenda.” J.M.

"Every time she (Brenda) hovered over an area, I could feel buzzing, chilling, warming, opening energy, as if there were diamonds or crystals shimmering and spinning on me and through me. I am more awake, my senses are more open, and I feel more clear-minded than I have in a very, very long time." CWB