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Last day for Private Hawaiian Healing Sessions! Call for appointment!

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Price: $300.00 /per person
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with Hawaiian Kahunas, Keola & Kanoa

CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 702.485.4985! Note: We do not allow you to RSVP on this Meetup, as we need to schedule a time for your session. So you will note that the RSVPs on this Meetup say FULL, so as to not to allow anyone to RSVP without a scheduled time. However, WE HAVE SPOTS AVAILABLE! Simply call the center and we will promptly assist you!

Experience Hawaiian Energetic Healing (La`au Kahea)

La`au Kahea is an ancient Hawaiian Healing modality to assist the mind and body to become balanced (Lokahi). The belief is that any memory unresolved within you, needs to release the trauma around the memory. If not released, the negative emotions will manifest into a physical form, eventually.

Please call the Ganesha Center at 702.485.4985 to schedule your appointment. Appointments are being scheduled one final day, Tuesday, October 1st. Keola and Kanoa fly out on Wednesday! So call to schedule your appointment time. Please be prepared to pay for your session at the time you book your appointment.

How long will the session last and what is the cost?

Your Private Personal Session would consist of BOTH Keola & Kanoa working on you simultaneously and is 60 minutes for $300 per person. People literally travel from around the world to Hawaii for this rareified service - in this case, THEY HAVE COME TO YOU!!! This is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or your beloveds.

What can I expect during a private session?

During the Private Personal Session, we will work on all your issues that you are consciously aware of - and even the ones you are not. After the session you will feel a measurable difference. Specifically, we will help you remove any and ALL emotional blocks you choose to release or let go of.

• You will: Identify all events/memories from your past that you can still feel negative emotions. (Anger, Sadness, Fear/Phobias) Also, limiting beliefs (Fear of Failure, Rejection, Abandonment). As well as “Your perceived” problem.

• We will: Assist in clearing all trauma/negative emotions related to the above. In addition, we teach you cultural practices to be in the optimum state for living.

Question: I have some personal issues that I would like to work on, but don’t like to talk about. Can they help me with them too?

Our specialty is working on issues that people do not want to discuss because it’s just too emotionally painful. If you are looking to Improve your quality of life and obtain the peace and calm you so desire, WE CAN HELP.

Keola (Clyde) L. Conner and

Po`okela: Kanoaokalani (Edward) Switzer

We believe we are serving a higher purpose and the services we have to offer should be available to everyone. If we are to change the current paradigm (ie. negative behavior) - we need to take these teachings to the masses. So ultimately we will learn that we can heal ourselves.

We teach and assist you in learning to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs - and you, in turn, share it with others. It then becomes easy to assist others, if you choose to.

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