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Ashtanga Yoga with Marissa Lee Harris

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Ashtanga Yoga with Marissa Lee Harris

in Ashtanga Yoga, in keeping with the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (Guruji), is provided in a unique style known as the “Mysore” method. Named after the south Indian city where Guruji taught, this format differs from the modern way yoga is taught in most yoga studios and gyms.

The asanas (postures) of the Ashtanga yoga system are organized into a set sequence in
which each asana prepares the body and mind of the practitioner for the postures that come later in the sequence. In the Mysore method, all instruction is one-on-one, allowing the instructor to individualize the assistance provided to each student and to take into account the uniqueness of each practitioner.

Rather than being “led” as a group, students work independently within the group setting. This gives each practitioner the opportunity to develop a self-led asana practice that can be done anywhere there is enough space to roll out a yoga mat. Students practice a portion
of the sequence of asanas at their own pace, and are provided with both verbal instruction and physical adjustments by the instructor. New poses are introduced as students gain strength, flexibility, stamina and focus.

No previous experience necessary; all are welcome. Bring a yoga mat and a clean gym towel. Please note that on new moon and full moon days there is no asana practice for Ashtanga practitioners--class on these days will consist of review of Sanskrit pose names and practice chanting the Ashtanga Yoga Invocation, the Mangala Mantra (closing chant), and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

About Marissa Lee Harris

Years of yoga studies and practice led me to the Mysore room, where the physical practice of asana finally began to make sense as the foundation of the eight-limbed spiritual practice of Ashtanga yoga. This practice has challenged me to sit quietly with myself and come to terms with my fears, ambitions, perceived limitations and, ultimately, the integrity of my character. The journey that begins when one submits to the teachings passed on by the lineage of this extraordinary practice can take the practitioner through a series of transformations--both physical and otherwise. It is with humility and a desire to share what I have learned thus far that I offer my instruction.
Endless gratitude to my teachers, and their teachers...