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LIVE Gong Meditation w/Cosmin

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LIVE Gong Meditation ( (702) 752-8205

The Gong Meditation is a unique experience: "Your mind, your thoughts, your molecules, your existence psyche, electromagnetic psyche, has no power over this sound.” The vibration of the Gong creates deep relaxation, releasing us from the torrent of thoughts our mind releases, and it stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.

The Gong impacts the body and its meridians. It releases blocks, reduces tension, stimulates circulation, balance the chakras and strengthens the Aura. The Gong changes the feelings that are blocked by cutting the thoughts that sustain and recreate the feelings. It is the only instrument the mind has no defense against. The sound waves bring the subconscious mind into a balance and meditative state, an effortless meditation and relaxation facilitating the movement of prana throughout the body and psyche

Let go and let the Gong do the work while you relax and receive the benefits. Experience the Infinite within the finite. Join me for a transformative healing journey into self-discovery, go beyond the frequency of your mental imprints and limitations, and enjoy the deep meditative experience of the Gong.

Here are some additional benefits of Gong Meditation:

The Gong is a healing tool for body, mind and soul on all levels. It

• helps repair the nervous system (including damages of alcohol & drugs);

• regenerates the neurons and their interconnections;

• creates deep relaxation and induces a spontaneous meditative state;

• clears the mind and releases you from the torrent of thoughts;

• reduces stress related issues: depression, fatigue, anger, hostility, fear and loneliness;

• stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning;

• strengthens the immune system;

• opens the meridians and releases blocks, reduces tension and stimulates circulation;

• balances all the chakras;

• enlivens and integrates the 10 bodies of the aura;

• accelerates the development of intuitive sensitivity and visualization;

• opens the psychic functions of the sixth chakra/ 3rd eye;

• clears the sub-conscious mind;

• gives a sense of expanded awareness and higher consciousness!

“ Gong is the sound of creation. All sounds and all words have come from it. It is the nucleus of all words. It is the multiple, projective sound to put you through. It is not a drum or a musical instrument. It is God. It is reinforced vibration. It is like a million strings vibrating at once. Only instrument in which you can create the space vibrations - where you can become weightless and soundless and go through it.” – Yogi Bhajan

The class includes pranayam (breathing exercise), meditation, ancient teachings and Gong Journey!

Please bring a light blanket (or similar) to cover yourself with.

Room size can only fit 18, please RSVP now to ensure your spot.


Cosmin Mahadev Singh was born in Bucharest, Romania - a country with a deep-rooted history in diversity and spirituality. His upbringing, enriched with a combination of old and new world teachings, set the foundation for an inner calling of growth and search for knowledge, which led him on his spiritual path.
Cosmin’s own world experience gives him the ability to exercise true empathy and compassion. His universal teachings transcend cultural and demographic boundaries and can be understood and appreciated by everyone. His teachings parallel the proverb, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Cosmin goes beyond feeding you knowledge for a day. He provides you with the “know-how” to recognize and harness the necessary tools for skillful living.
Cosmin’s approach uses cutting edge scientific research harmoniously integrated with the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by renowned global authority Yogi Bhajan through a direct, unbroken lineage with Harijiwan and Yogi Amandeep Singh.
Cosmin is licensed with Kundalini Research Institute and registered with the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. He is also an accomplished Traditional Reiki Master having trained in both the United States and Europe.
Cosmin remains committed to expanding his knowledge and experience of his yoga practice to provide his students with the most effective self-empowering approaches that are sure to raise your over-all well being. His teaching will allow you to realize that you can live a healthy and happy life. You will soon be walking your own path awakened by raising your Kundalini.

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