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Proudly presents: Introduction to the Power of Plant Medicine with HRN Provider and Team Leader, Sheri Martin

The body has the amazing ability to heal itself given the right support. Discover how herbal remedies can assist your body in setting the stage for vibrant health. Join Sheri Martin, Dr. of Naturopathy, in this introduction to The Power of Plant Medicine:

We will discuss:

· The causes of our current healthcare crisis

· The problems in our current healthcare system

· How to incorporate herbs into your life for optimal wellness

· Types of herbal remedies

· Living the herbal lifestyle

· Real time demonstration of the efficacy of herbs

AIRMID Herbal Remedies by Sheri Martin

Our mission is to provide you with valuable information and tools to help you attain vibrant health and wellness. We are dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality herbal supplements to achieve your health goals.

Join HRN Base Membership and Receive 25% off of Herbal Remedies and Consultations with Sheri Martin and AIRMID.

During the twenty + years she spent as a health insurance broker, she witnessed the decline of our healthcare system. She realized that while there are exceptions, our healthcare system is greed based rather than wellness based. When the modern medical system failed her and she was able to resolve some of her health issues naturally, she embarked upon a course of study in natural medicine and is now passionate about educating people as to how they can become their own healer and save Big Medicine for the Big Crisis!


Ganesha Center is excited to announce our new endeavor in wellness. The Holistic Referral Network (HRN),Powered and Inspired by Ganesha Center and the incredible years we spent together with like-minded practitioners, instructors, students, clients, supporters and friends in Mind-Body-Spirit wellness and expansion.

When the Universe so strategically guided the shift and closing from the stand alone center on Warm Springs with whispers of a more expansive direction in the movement of our core mission to bring Mind-Body-Spirit wellness to the masses, we listened. We cannot say that this was without challenge and difficulty, but as we know using our own tagline, “With Change Comes Transformation” and with Ganesha – “Remover of Obstacles” on our team we put one foot in front of another. We trusted and moved on the guidance.

When the dust settled, the question was posed, “How do we utilize the incredible resources that we have all come to know that include exceptional practitioners, continue to support their efforts, support the individual seeker find the assistance they desire and do this cost effectively, even do this so that all involved can financially benefit?” Wow, that is a tall order! And this inspired and divine Holistic Referral Network was born from the spark of infinite possibility.

· Low Annual Membership Fee
· Pre-Negotiated Discount Rates
· Vetted Professional Providers
· Varied and Vast Categories of Modalities
· Refer a Friend Offers Deeper Discount
· Affiliate Program Offers Income Potential for anyone who is a member
· Educational Classes at NO COST

We looked for a way to support seekers of holistic healthcare and the efforts of the practitioners in this community to thrive. A Win-Win-Win scenario was inspired by the movie A Beautiful Mind and the Chopstick Story*. We wish to help support this Holistic community with the skills and reach that we have developed.

We have a dedicated website page, that is being finalized and will list all the different modalities, over 26 at this point, many of which we offered at Ganesha Center, but now will also include, holistic dentistry, Naturopathy, holistic chiropractic, herbology, and therapeutic message, to name just a few. New modalities will be added as new practitioners present themselves. Learn more about the two different options for the Membership during our intro classes.

If you are interested in becoming a Member, the website is operational for online registration at . If you are a Practitioner and are interested in joining the Network as a Provider, please join us for the class or call ahead to discuss. (702) 485-4985.

Our focus is to make HRN a win-win-win for all involved: offering customers a one stop-shop for holistic services and products at a discount, assisting in the marketing and awareness of practitioners, providing free informational classes, and offering an affiliate program to aid in earning while you are sharing and caring.

In the near future we will bring the HRN to other cities; the first few targeted include Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle and your membership will be valued in all cities. If you know like-minded individuals in other cities, we are looking for strong Team Leaders as well as Providers, so please share our information.

Please give Paul or Lee a call at 702-485-4985 to discuss, and hear more about
this exciting new endeavor!

Our ongoing HRN Informational and Classes will follow the same format each time.

• The first 10-15 minutes will be an introduction to the HRN
• The next 1 - 1.5 hours will be a class provided by one of the Practitioners in the Network Free of Charge if you are a member of HRN. Leave time for mingling.
• After the class, we will answer your questions and help you sign up for the HRN Membership.

Please watch the Meetup calendar for the Provider Class information. We have only room for 30, so please RSVP. Thanks!

Following the class, we will answer any questions and assist you with the HRN sign up should you so desire.

Please RSVP.

As we are ramping up the Providers who are involved, anyone who signs up for a membership in April and May will have an extended renewal date - July 2015.

We are excited to offer this program to the community! We look forward to your involvement. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions and ideas to assist you and the community.

With love,

Lee Papa and Paul Isensee