What we're about

For you if you;
•need time out to relax and switch off
•interested in or are already practising mindfulness or meditation
•need some ‘me time’ to rebalance, replenish, and go inwards, in to silence to self heal
•like a mixture of mindfulness, meditation & affirmation practises
•want to learn or further practise deeper breathing techniques, and becoming present in the moment to quickly reduce stress, anxiety, negative feelings, low mood, and create more calm, stillness and clarity for mind and body.

Mindfulness Meditation Evenings.
These classes focus on helping you relax and unwind from your day; letting go of any mental, emotional or physical stress and practice techniques to help you relax deeply & create more peacefulness, clarity & upliftment.

Our after-work meditation sessions incorporate all 5 senses-
Candle lit room- SEE
Oils, incense or fragrances- SMELL
Pressure Point or props- TOUCH
Chimes, sound, voice- HEAR
Sweet treat or herbal tea- TASTE

Classes may and will incorporate a mixture of the following;
•gentle mobility stretches to loosen the body
•breathing exercises
•mindful body scan
•positive visualisations
•sound techniques (optional)

Mindfulness has many benefits on your wellbeing, here are to name just a few;
· Helps decrease stress levels, anxiety & blood pressure
· Helps you feel more peaceful & uplifts your mood.
· Helps you feel more centred and balanced
· Helps take your body from fight or flight mode back to its restful zone.
· Activates and calms the parasympathetic nervous system, which puts your body in a state of rest, which can speed up recovery and encourage the body to heal.
· Reduces mental fatigue, overwhelm, and helps rest your mind from the daily over-thinking ‘to do’ list in our minds.

See what our clients have to say;
“I am guilty of getting caught up in the hustle & bustle of life, dashing here & there,filling my day with tasks,saying yes to everything, even if I really haven't got the time. Which in return makes me stressed, anxious,unable to relax or sleep properly... Laura who ran the course, is excellent, she has a calming nature,soothing voice & is a brilliant teacher... I learnt how to switch off from the busy world, slow down, relax my whole body, have some "me time", learnt how to be kind, like and appreciate myself.
I definitely recommend these mindfulness classes to anyone wanting to step off the treadmill of a busy life and take some time out for themselves to learn how to slow down, relax and cope better with this busy life.” Karen,

Are you ready to start feeling better?

Limited spaces as small group sessions.
To book your space Call or Text ‘mindful’ to 07919346107

Prices per evening session: £20.00
4 x evening session £75

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Mindfulness Meditation Evenings

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