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Greetings! The focus of this meetup is discussing and practicing meditation principles and exploring different meditation modalities as well as discussing metaphysical topics.

Principles and philosophy discussed will include but are not limited to: Astral projection, lucid dreaming, concepts of time, psychic intuition (exploration and growth), various meditation modalities, Theta Healing/energy healing, remote viewing, manifestation and creation of our lives, inner peace, stress/anxiety control, spiritual growth, violet flame, eastern philosophy, oracle cards, thought control, relaxation, law of attraction, crystals, astrology, pendulums, raising awareness/consciousness, ascended masters, concepts of oneness, Conversations With God material (main trilogy), paranormal phenomenon, vibrations, light healing, sound healing, Chakras (what they are, how to open them), Kundalini and anything Metaphysical that members would like to discuss.

This Meetup is intended for like-minded people who are interested in getting together to learn about these principles, discuss them, learn how to do them (where applicable), be taught or even be a scheduled speaker as well as any success you have had with them or other techniques you have tried.

It will be an open forum style of meeting where members can ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas on a particular metaphysical subject and Universal Truth. I am envisioning having a topic for each meeting, however we can discuss other principles outside of that topic time permitting and if within the realm of this Meetup. We can just see where the energy takes us :)

I have studied around our nation as well as Bodh Gaya, India and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others seeking to improve their mindset, grow spiritually and increase overall quality of life.

Are you looking to gain more control of your life, your body and your mind? Perhaps you are wondering how you can create the life that you desire? Are you seeking answers to life or seeking Truth? Do you wonder who you are and perhaps why you are here? Well, it all starts with the mind and it's all relative to Metaphysics. Learn how to look deep inside yourself, control your mind and focus it to improve all facets of your life.

Fees: I do not foresee any fees being charged, however if our group grows to a point where a room must be rented then a small fee may be charged to cover any costs incurred. Lastly, if you are interested in healing for any physical, mental or emotional situation contact me to discuss how we can be of assistance.

Join us on our next meeting date to expand your consciousness.

NOTE: Due to limited space, RSVP's are required for attending any event.

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