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Group members are taught the essentials of mindfulness and how the process relates to their feelings. The technique teaches them to be aware of what they are feeling in the moment, which allows for a deepening of the way they relate to their thoughts and patterns. Unwanted patterns of relating and behaving discovered during the sessions can then be shifted. Using both avenues of psychology and mindfulness allows patterns to shift more rapidly as cognitive work helps people to understand the issue with their mind and mindfulness training gives the body’s neurotransmitters a chance to run a new course. The focus will be on learning mindfulness through experiential practices, creating a practice at home, and learning how to incorporate the practice into creating healthy choices and patterns. Celeste Ballard, LCPC, LMT is a local Woodstock counselor who combines the best of Cognitive Therapies with Mindfulness and Body-Centered Therapies to create more happiness and peace in your life. She is the owner of Within Holistic Counseling ( http://www.chicagoholisticcounseling.com ), which has offices in Woodstock and Chicago. She works with the philosophy that events impact us physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. She has been a Therapist for 19 years and has had a meditation practice for over 13 years.

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Mindfulness Based Therapy Group

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This weekly group therapy series will address issues around anxiety, depression, and the path to self-discovery and change through becoming aware of, and honoring, our real feelings. Guided meditation, introspection, and consciousness-raising group process are aimed at increasing a sense of connectedness, courage and love. This group is a great opportunity to build community with others who are on a journey of self-reflection and healing.

We will meet at Within Holistic Counseling in Woodstock, IL every Thursday Eve starting Sept 2nd through Nov 18th, except for Sept 16. We will meet from 7-9 pm.

This is a closed membership group.
Membership by pre-screen and reservation only.

Places are limited. Please call or text Tracie Rankin at[masked] to set up your 15-minute pre-screening phone session.

Pay-as-you-go: $65 per session

Tracie is a licensed psychotherapist, who has received certifications in trauma, integrated mental health, and family work. She also has extensive experience in working with grief and loss issues, anxiety, depression, spiritual issues, and relationship healing. Working with people of other cultures and religions have also helped to shape her as both a person and a clinician. It is an honor for her to be able to help clients in guiding them in the process of uncovering the treasure that lies within. She views life as a beautiful mess. This journey of life will ultimately take people back to where they began, with increased wisdom and understanding of life, and themselves.

Tracie has spent more than 15 years working with people, in intimate and trusting therapeutic relationships. Each individual problem, no matter how large or small, is of value and importance to her. Each client is unique, as are their needs. Tracie utilizes a variety of techniques to help each person reach a place of healing. In this past year, she has also spent a lot of time studying meditation and yoga. Her 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Certification will be obtained this November 2020. Her plan is to utilize these techniques as well for clients that are interested in an integrative healing approach.

For more information, visit:

Tracie Rankins
Within Holistic Counseling
665 West Jackson St
Woodstock, IL 60098

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