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Mindfulness Meditation Sessions
With regular mindfulness meditation practice, there are well-documented benefits to mental and physical health and spiritual well-being, including relief from symptoms of stress and a greater capacity be compassionate. When making time to practice in a safe and quiet place, being still, and turning attention inward, the mind can more easily become aware of present moment experience. This is where habitual patterns of thinking and behavior can be noticed, presenting an opportunity for change in ways that may improve one’s health and promote peace for oneselfand for the world. The meditation will be led by Mary Costello who practices meditation with the Insight and Zen communities in San Francisco. She has a graduate degree in Integrative Health and professional training in both Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and in mindfulness facilitation. With thanks to St. Cyprian’s Church for providing this space, there will be a free, weekly, 30-minute meditation in the church. It will begin with a 10-minute guided meditation, followed by a 20-minute silent meditation.

St. Cyprian's Episcopal Chruch

2097 Turk Blvd. St. Cyrpain's Episocpal Church · San Francisco, CA

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Cyprian’s Center is a community-based and volunteer-driven center that connects the power of the arts with the imperative of these times for sustainable living and resilient urban communities.

We are neighbors and community members of all ages, backgrounds and orientations with a common interest in community building through the arts, advocacy and commitment to resilient lives and environments. We’re are planning to create a volunteer Steering Committee helps shape the development of the program and includes neighbors, representatives of community organizations, and members of Turk & Lyon’s two congregations.

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