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Heal Wounds into Wisdom
An 8 Weeks Course and a celebration (Finale)

Tired of fighting stress, overwhelm or anger? Finding yourself turning more to food, drink (emotional "comfort" binging), addictive behaviour, over-working to numb your mind and body and feel better... but shattering your confidence and self worth in the process? (You are not alone….Our pilot course helps you to respond to challenging life issues with mindfulness)

A life crisis, rut or transition (pain!) does offer the potential to change and better your life, however it can feel lonely/isolating.

You're not alone..We can certainly empathise and share empowering resources/practices with you (Mindfulness, insights, relaxation, fun activities, gentle yoga and Soca etc) that can nurture renewed vitality, resilience, calm, confidence and fulfilment. Our pilot courses values your individual experience, benefits, transformation and likewise enables us to let self-care shape the future of healthcare. Be welcome..and celebrate life's gifts now!

This course combines elements of the MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) classic curriculum with selected practices and interventions to now enable you to cultivate presence, reflect and relate more effectively with ease, perspective, skill and confidence.

Naturally, we love your experience here to be welcoming and enriching so this group and learning will be rewarding, and you have valuable outcomes to further enhance your quality of life! The aim of this initiative is to bring humanity, holistic healthcare and cultural diversity into our education, evolving and lifestyle choices.
"In your light I learn how to love." Rumi

Through meditation and movement, (Yoga, Soca, belly-dance) the body, senses, mind, heart can be more connected and allowing so thoughts (self narratives), judgements, feelings and stresses that drive/define our lives can be observed, and awareness can awaken as one becomes centred/grounded. (Tell us which poem/wisdom or music moves you?) Expect empathy, empowerment, positive insights, humour, and neuroscience as we explore "autopilot" being/doing, emotional intelligence, stress response, conditioning, healthy attitudes, self-care, coping skills, renewed vitality and letting-go.

“Feeling whole, even for brief moments, nourishes us on a deep level. It is a source of healing and wisdom when faced with stress and pain” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)


Bio: Christene Burgess, is a facilitator of transformational courses and wellbeing events with diverse cultural groups of multi-ethnic women and men, members of the wider community/professionals and refugees dealing with trauma, stress, care and quality of life. Valuing meditation practice inspired her study/training in Mindfulness (at Bangor University), plus Psychosynthesis and Yoga. Her joint-ventures include co-founding of a therapy centre (The Rainbow Net) charity, co-production of lovely iMindfulness app and evolving of this brand ageinspired.com (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mindfulness-self-care-and-relationships-group-heal-wounds-into-wisdom-tickets-50404745952?aff=ebdshpsearchautocomplete#inbox/_blank)

Bio: Hannaa El-Sayed, has co-facilitated and co-developed a number of mindfulness courses over the past years for the diverse cultural group of refugees, asylum seekers and multi-ethnic women dealing with trauma and stress. She attended mindfulness teacher training at Bangor University and continues to learn and practice mindfulness and yoga.


Previous participants of our last mindfulness course felt that they gained grounding, strengths, useful tools, aliveness, acceptance and self-worth.

A selection of feedback from past courses

‘I now feel less overwhelmed by emotions’.
‘It is amazing how empowered I feel’,
‘It is one of the most useful teachings I have had access to’
‘It is had given me renewed energy’.

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