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We live in a world of AI-driven feeds.

What does mindfulness look like in such a streamy world?

Do I have to focus on my breath to be mindful? And what exactly does focusing on the breath mean? Can't I just focus on something else that's on Autoplay (like my breath), such as Netflix or Prime or Twitch or you know... any of *those* streams?

The concepts and practices of Mindfulness need an upgrade for our modern age of co-existence with machines. How can we outsource our mindfulness to machines? How can we augment our humanity with technology? How do we design systems that complement digital mindfulness with human mindfulness around purpose and love?

This meetup will build community, concepts, and tools and practices to answer the questions above. In line with the existential spirit of these questions, some of these meetup experiences will be blended into the digital streams that are part of our lives.

Join us if you're interested in discovering and exploring what mindfulness can look like for you for the world that you live in.

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Designing AI in support of Good Mental Health

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Mindfulness for a Streamy World

San Francisco

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